Building the future of humanity in space



Accelerating the future of space, faster

Founded in late 2015, Relativity is creating an entirely reimagined process to iterate and scale rockets quickly and build the future of humanity in space.

We believe the future of humanity is interplanetary. In realizing that vision, we will create technology that also betters life on Earth.

Relativity is an orbital launch company that will deploy and resupply satellite constellations to connect and improve our planet. We are taking a fundamentally new approach to build and fly rockets.

Planet Earth

Our technology builds toward our long-term vision of scaling and sustaining an interplanetary society.


3D printing the first rocket made on Mars

Opening a new world. Expanding the bounds of the human story.

At Relativity we believe in a more inspired future with people thriving both on Earth and on Mars. We are the second company committed to making humanity multi-planetary - and we hope to inspire hundreds more.

In the early days of settlement, there will be few people living on Mars. Intelligent automation and lightweight, compact 3D printing are fundamental technologies needed to quickly build a new society with scarce resources - and the most scalable means to get back home.


The Story of Nature + Technology


People have looked up at the night sky in wonder for thousands of years.

Life began in the sea but will end up in the stars.

This is a story worth telling.