Building the future of humanity in space



The largest metal 3D printer in the world.
Built for rockets.

Developed at Relativity.

Stargate is the backbone to our vertically integrated factory.

  • From raw material to flight in less than 60 days
  • Print a new rocket design just as quickly

Stargate is constantly getting smarter and faster by using sensors and reward function-based learning. We are creating an entirely new type of evolvable production line.

Relativity Space - Stargate - Largest Metal 3D Printer in the World

Proprietary materials.
Custom designed for printing.

  • Stronger alloys designed to take advantage of Stargate’s printing physics
  • Highly reliable materials for printing rocket structures
  • In-house metallurgy and material characterization lab

Intelligent process and quality controls.

  • Cloud-based simulation data
  • Real-time data
  • Post-process data
  • Advanced imaging and detection sensors

Collaborative robotics and path planning.

  • Multiple print heads: coordinate together to increase build rate
  • In-situ machining: allows traditionally impossible geometries to be built and finished in one step
  • Flexible: highly scalable system architecture

Relativity has created a better way to design, build, and fly rockets.

Timeline of Other's Traditional Approach Timeline vs. Relativity Space's Autonomous Approach

Flexible, automated rocket production.

Prototype fuselage structure printed by Stargate for our vehicle’s upper stage.

Prototype fuselage structure printed by Stargate, Relativity Space's 3D Printer