Building the future of humanity in space



From raw material to flight in less than 60 days.

Spec'd for the future of satellite launch.

Relativity Space - Terran Rocket
Relativity Space - Terran Rocket
Relativity Space - Terran Rocket

Next generation launch vehicle.
Entirely developed and built by Relativity.

Terran 1 is designed from scratch for constellation deployment and resupply. Its unique architecture can change and scale rapidly alongside satellite companies as they develop new capabilities.

Oxygen + Methane

First stage Propulsion:
9x Aeon 1 (15,500 lbf-SL each)

Second Stage Propulsion:
1x Aeon 1 (19,500 lbf-Vac)


Proprietary Printable Metal Alloy


Sized for the constellation market.

Contact us for more information on possible orbits and capacities. Capacity is uniquely flexible and may be modified to your needs - let us know what an ideal mission for you looks like.

Terran 1 Baseline:

Max Payload:
1,250 kg to 185 km LEO

Nominal Payload: 
900 kg to 500 km SSO

High Altitude Payload:
700 kg to 1200 km SSO

Relativity Space - Terran - Rocket - Size Reference

Multiple payload configurations.

Upper stage restart capability enables efficient orbital delivery options.

  • Dedicated
  • Dedicated & Rideshare
  • Rideshare

Low cost access to space.

Terran 1 is among the most cost-effective launchers in the world. Our technology will also improve in performance over time.

List Price, Dedicated Mission: $10M

dedicated Price per Kilogram, SSO: $11,000/kg

dedicated price per Kilogram, LEO: $8,000/kg

Price, rideshare mission: dedicated price + 15%


World Class Test Site

Relativity has formed a landmark partnership with NASA Stennis Space Center:

  • Exclusive use of the 25 acre E4 Test Complex
  • Four large test cells rated for entire vehicles and engines
  • 15,000 sq. ft. of specialized infrastructure
  • 20 year agreement - Stennis' first ever CSLA

Complete development, qualification, and acceptance testing of Terran will occur at the new E4 Test Complex. Relativity is investing our own capital to build upon the existing site, and is growing a permanent team to lead testing operations.

Relativity Space - Illustration - Stargate - 3D Printer
E4 Panorama 1 Square.png