Reimagining the way orbital rockets are built and flown.



From raw material to flight in less than 60 days.

Spec'd for the future of satellite launch.

Relativity Space - Terran Rocket
Relativity Space - Terran Rocket
Relativity Space - Terran Rocket

Next generation launch vehicle.
Entirely developed and built by Relativity.

Terran 1 is designed from scratch for constellation deployment and resupply. Its unique architecture can change and scale rapidly alongside satellite companies as they develop new capabilities.

Oxygen + Methane

First stage Propulsion:
9x Aeon 1 (15,500 lbf-SL each)

Second Stage Propulsion:
1x Aeon 1 (19,500 lbf-Vac)


Proprietary Printable Metal Alloy


Sized for the constellation market.

Contact us for more information on possible orbits and capacities. Capacity is uniquely flexible and may be modified to your needs - let us know what an ideal mission for you looks like.

Terran 1 Baseline:

Max Payload:
1,250 kg to 185 km LEO

Nominal Payload: 
900 kg to 500 km SSO

High Altitude Payload:
700 kg to 1200 km SSO

Relativity Space - Terran - Rocket - Size Reference

Multiple payload configurations.

Upper stage restart capability enables efficient orbital delivery options.

  • Dedicated
  • Dedicated & Rideshare
  • Rideshare

Low cost access to space.

Terran 1 is among the most cost-effective launchers in the world. Our technology will also improve in performance over time.

List Price, Dedicated Mission: $10M

Price per Kilogram, SSO: $11,000/kg

Price per Kilogram, LEO: $8,000/kg


Stay tuned.